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Business of Real Estate is evolving over the last decade at a rapid pace. Only aspect of it, which is slow to change with market is Agent’s Commission Split. NSD BROKERS, has recognized this and is offering range of commission split plans for agents to choose from:

Flat Fee Plan*
95-5% Plan*
90-10% Plan*
80-20% Plan*.

NSD BROKERS not just hire you, it makes you ready for the market, whether its Digital Marketing, Pre-construction Marketing, In Person Coaching, Know How of MLS Tools or Personality Development. Join NSD Brokers and get ready for Pre-Construction, Resale residential and Commercial Transactions.

At NSD Brokers you will get access to pre-construction projects of most of the major developers in Southern Ontario and Alberta.

NSD BROKERS has embraced technology and innovation to bring advantage for our agents. Our NSD Agent’s website has tools to help agents make a smooth transaction, from start to end.

Reach out to us to schedule one-on-one meeting to discuss our commission split plans in detail*.

> In person Coaching Sessions.
> Digital Marketing Training.
> Pre-construction Access.
> Residential Resale and Commercial Transactions.
> Weekly Training Webinars.
> Agent only Website.
> Technologically Advanced Brokerage.  
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